What will Inform Wisconsin do for you?

  • Training -- reduced rates at trainings and conferences. Attend our fabulous annual conference to learn from experts and to network with other I&R/I&A professionals. Members attend  our conference at lower member rates.
  • Certification -- opportunities for certification exams. Members may take the certification exams (CIRS,CIRS-A, CRS).
  • Networking opportunities – both locally and statewide. Work more efficiently and effectively as you share questions, problems, resources, and experiences with your peers. Consult and receive technical assistance from other Inform Wisconsin members.
  • Inform Wisconsin newsletter – receive our publication detailing what's new and what's changing in the fields of I&R/I&A.
  • Current issues -- keep up-to-date on current trends and information that impacts on-going initiatives.
  • Email listserv -- you may join the Inform Wisconsin email listserv and there by have instant access to a statewide group of experts and peers.
  • 2-1-1 Wisconsin -- Have a direct tie to the growth of 2-1-1 through Inform Wisconsin membership on the2-1-1 Wisconsin oversight board.
  • Directing the future -- opportunities to become involved with board and committee activities.
  • Inform USA -- Promote adherence to Inform USA standards for delivery of I&R services. Inform Wisconsin is the Inform USA affiliate for the state of  Wisconsin.